We all want a strong economy with plentiful job opportunities and steady, growing wages. We also want American families to be able find balance between their responsibilities at work and at home. We all want women and men to be treated fairly in the workplace. What kinds of policies foster the best workplace for women, men, and families? 

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Policy Focus: The FAMILY Act  
Straight Talk About the Wage Gap Video
Wage Gap Factsheet  
Wage Gap Discussion Guide
7 people Who Know The Gender “Pay Gap” Is A Misleading Statistic  
Buzzfeed Video Gets Wage Gap Wrong
Policy Focus: Minimum Wage  
A Job Destroying High Minimum Wage Won't Help Women
U.C. Study: Minimum Wage Hikes Drive Low-Level Workers Out  
A $12 Minimum Wage Mandate Threatens Entry-Level Workers
Policy Focus: Unions Fail Women   
Federal Employees Working for Unions, Not Taxpayers
There’s A Reason Why Support for Unions Has Declined

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